Woofs for Warriors

The Woofs for Warriors is a special project started by the MMVF in order to help veterans cope with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and similar conditions.

Although canines have been a companion to humans since before recorded history, only recently have the therapeutic benefits of the relationship between dogs and humans been studied. Service dogs have been trained to help the blind, deaf and handicapped, as well as to help law enforcement and military.

In 2007, the Army began animal-assisted therapy for soldiers in Iraq. Originally, it was difficult to scientifically gauge the effectiveness of animal-therapy for soldiers and veterans but the anecdotal examples of improvement in quality of life was overwhelming. Since, there has been multiple journal articles, books and manuals written on the benefits of dogs servicing veterans with PTSD and TBI (see sources below).

Our goals are to match veterans with suitable shelter dogs and to provide assistance with the care of the dog so the pair can have a successful relationship.


Travis and Lila

Meet our success stories!

To date, we have successfully matched five (5) dogs and veterans! Please check back soon for their individual stories.

Former Army Specialist Brian and Odin

Brian received Odin through the Mountains to Miracles “Woofs For Warriors Project”. Odin is now in training for K-9  Good Citizen Certification and will then train as a Service Dog to assist Brian.  Brian has volunteered to assist other Veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder / Traumatic Brain Injury serving as our Adoption Director

There is currently a backlog of veterans’ applications for our program.

Our shelters have dogs but we must have more volunteers! There are so many ways in which you can help…will you?

We urgently need:
* people willing to do initial training/socializing with the dogs;
*trainers to donate a slot in their obedience class for the veterans to attend with their new companion;
*veterinarians willing to donate their services for follow up and emergency care for the dogs;
*a regular donation of food and supplies for the dogs

If you are unable to assist with any of the above, we also are in need of monetary donations that will go directly to offset the services listed above.