Warehouse Storgage Needed!

We are currently unable to store items for our Veterans, such as furniture, can goods, and clothing. WE NEED YOUR HELP!! Resources are scarce and we need creative solutions to this issue. In order to continue our service of providing these items we need a space that will be able to accommodate bulky items in a climate controlled environment. Our ultimate goal is to have a food pantry co-located with this storage facility.  Anyone who can help us find a facility in the Amsterdam/ Albany Capitol district, please call Mr. Paul DuBois at 518-265-7345 or email diplomatman2002@yahoo.com.

There has been such a great need for furniture for our veterans that we can’t keep up with the donations and deliveries.  If you wish to donate your time to this cause and make a difference in the quality of life for a veteran, please us the “contact us” link on our website.



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